Project and Construction Management

We work together with our clients during all phases of the process, from conceptual design through planning and construction to commissioning of the activity and subsequent Facility Management, controlling quality, costs and deadlines. Each phase of this process can be contracted individually or packaged depending on the needs of the project.

Services - Plans

Analysis of technical, urban and economic feasibility

In business management, having up-to-date and quality information provides great advantages when making decisions and discovering points of improvement and savings opportunities. We analyse the project to guarantee success.

  • Technical inspection of the location
  • Analysis of national, regional, and local regulations
  • Study of construction requirements
  • Adaptation of the implementation proposal
  • Estimation of costs and deadlines

Engineering and architecture planning management (construction, activity and/or opening)

We coordinate with the client’s architecture or engineering studies or with our own third party agents in the drafting of the related planning to complete the real estate project and the implementation of the activity.

  • Coordination of engineering and architectural planning
  • Selection and optimization of installation facilities depending on the activity
  • Establishment of basic parameters for the calculation of facilities
  • Development of construction details
  • Management of as built documentation
  • Operation and maintenance manual

Licenses and supplies management

We manage all the procedures for obtaining licenses and legalizations of facilities.

  • Management of construction, activity and/or opening licenses
  • Legalization management of facilities
  • Management of connections and supplies

Management of the tender process

Through our tender process management, we prepare and integrate the corresponding technical, economic, legal and administrative proposals, with the aim of complying with the three fundamental concepts of quality, costs and deadlines.

  • Setting of a bidding strategy
  • Batch packaging
  • Options: Sole contractor or subcontractors
  • Selection of bidders
  • Bids request
  • Analysis of received bids
  • Comparatives
  • Price negotiation
  • Preparation of award proposals
  • Contract award
  • Contract management
Services - Work

We fully develop the works, coordinating all phases, planning and using our extensive experience in order to successfully complete the project.

  • Coordination of Facultative Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Coordination of Health and Safety conditions on the building site
  • Creation of monitoring protocols
  • Monitoring of quality, costs and deadlines
  • Verification of certifications
  • Management of reviews and completion of work

Facility Management

We manage resources to efficiently maintain real estate assets in the best conditions.

  • Preparation of maintenance manuals
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance/span>
  • Incident management
  • Optimization of operating expenses
  • Energy efficiency and optimization